The Spending Race

June 04, 2014 | Projects

Directed & Written by Susan Modaress

The 2012 Presidential race was the most expensive in the history of the US. Interestingly, a significant amount of that money didn’t come from spending by campaigns, but rather from outside groups. These spendings by Super PACs & similar groups has changed the face of campaigning and elections in America. In 2012 the top three Super PAC spenders were Restore our Future, American Crossroads and Priorities USA Action. Between 90 and 100% of the spending done by these groups was used for attack ads. The Spending Race” investigates how the recent birth of Super PACs (Political Action Committees) affected the last presidential election and how they will affect all manner of elections to come . The documentary gives viewers a historical overview of campaign finance laws in the US, as well as a better understanding of the structure and function of Super PACs. Most importantly, the film will engage in the current debate over Super PACs, weighing in on their possible effects not only on our elections and society as a whole.  Trailer 


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